Why Choose us to Help you FIND your Home??

Our Rules, Our Promise to You!

Rule 1: Buy a Re-Salable Home

Ensuring that the home will be able to be sold later should you want or need to move is essential in picking the right property. Telling you the truth and helping you avoid “real estate WEIRD” is key to this process!

Rule 2: View Homes In Your Budget

We do a “lifestyle” budget to ensure you are aware of the true costs of the home based on your NET income, prior to picking a home! If the finances don’t work at this time to purchase, we will help you build a plan to home ownership!

Rule 3: View Homes You Actually Want

We do a comprehensive wants/needs analysis in order to filter down to the homes you ACTUALLY want to see versus taking you to see everything that is available!

Rule 4: Clients Don’t Push Paper

What that means is that we facilitate EVERYTHING with your lawyers, inspectors, insurance providers, appointments, mortgage specialists and more! You get to focus on the fun stuff and we do all the HEAVY lifting!