Why Choose us to Help you SELL your Home??

Our Rules, Our Promise to You!

Rule 1: Promise Only The Price We Can Deliver

We not only review the home to price it as a seller’s agent to determine value but we also look at the home as a buyer’s agent in order to give you great advice on supply and demand that will affect your sale. We will forecast with you any possible costs or repairs that may affect your NET proceeds on the sale.

Rule 2: Advise Best Home Showing Potential

This process may include staging consultations, repair recommendations, paint choices, etc. We will work with YOUR Budget and TIME Constraints to make this happen and our goal is for your to spend as LITTLE money as possible to be ready to sell.

Rule 3: Our Focus Is Your Financial Goals

This includes forecasting for the expenses you will incur on a purchase (if applicable) in order to make sure the money all lines up! We will work with you and your financial partner to plan for the next step after the sale.